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Well that was down to the line! At 10:49pm PST last night, we finished uploading our zany entry to the VR Jam hosted by Oculus Rift and Indiecade, Courageous Cannonball Commander! We’ll have a video up soon, and once submissions are re-enabled, the game itself will find a home on Oculus Share.

A couple life lessons were learned in the process:

  • There is tremendous variation to the degree HMDs make people ill. Several of our team are nearly immune to the effects of simulation sickness, while others are quite sensitive to it. Finding a comfortable range of movement and rotation speeds for a first-person perspective remains a constant challenge
  • PhysX in Unity is excpetionally tempermental the moment you stray from the standard use-case of objects moving under about 30-50 meters per second. Applying powerful counter-forces to ragdolls models is a recipe for hard-crashes, and a tremendous amount of time was spent figuring out how to manually stabilize relative velocities between joints just prior to applying large forces to avoid these problems.
  • Marching Band music can and will get permanently stuck in your head when you’re listening to it for 8-15 hours a day.
  • 3-week gamejams are exhausting, though significantly more tolerable when you’re grilling out almost every night.

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