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We’ve just released our latest little demo, built to show off our upcoming Alloy 2.0 update, used alongside some of our favorite assets from the Unity Asset Store. You can either check out the video above, or download it for yourself to try out!



(Windows and a DX11 GPU required)


For this demo we created a single high detail asset using a workflow that included Maya, 3dcoat, Handplane and Substance Designer. As we’ve been upgrading Alloy, a lot of attention has gone towards figuring out the best streamlined workflows for using physically-based rendering, especially for indie producers on a budget. We’ll be putting out some more videos soon that cover this in more detail, as well as the Unity-side of setting up image effects and other middleware to work in concert with Alloy.

If you’re looking for any of the assets mentioned in the video above, check out the links below. Again, huge thanks go out to the folks at Marmoset for being so cooperative in our venture to integrate systems. We continue to be impressed at how inviting so many are within the Unity ecosystem.

Alloy Physical Shader Framework (Update Coming Mid-Feb)

TC Particles

Marmoset Skyshop

Amplify Color

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