History of Railhead pt2

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In this post I will talk about how 1887 made the jump from physical board game to digital board game.

In the previous post I talked about the initial development of 1887 as part of my MFA thesis. Like many …

History of Railhead

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We recently announced a new game called Railhead. While I am super excited to share this project I wanted to start by talking about its history. Part of what excites me about this project is that it has actually been …

Alloy 2.0 Elemental Sword Demo

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We’ve just released our latest little demo, built to show off our upcoming Alloy 2.0 update, used alongside some of our favorite assets from the Unity Asset Store. You can either check out the video above, or download it …

Oculus VR Jam

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Well that was down to the line! At 10:49pm PST last night, we finished uploading our zany entry to the VR Jam hosted by Oculus Rift and Indiecade, Courageous Cannonball Commander! We’ll have a video up soon, and once …

Adventures in Virtual Reality

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On Friday, we were fortunate enough to receive our hot-off-the-presses Oculus Rift Dev Unit, and have been furiously working with it, and by that I mean we’ve been playing a ton of TF2 in VR mode. In between sessions …